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Brainy Nation is one on one brain training center founded in 2013 as the first cognitive training center in Jordan.  We are licensed by BrainRx, one of the leading cognitive training centers in the United States. The cognitive skills  training methodology that is designed to strengthen the core skills necessary to think and learn. This training gives individuals the push they need to overcome barriers in learning and in life. 

We aim to transform cognitive skills and performance levels for both children and adults through personalized assessments and specialized programs that result in individuals who are measurably smarter and more empowered through our revolutionary, research-based and none-medical programs to over-come what’s holding them back.

Brainy Nation has helped train countless students and adults with a 9.3 satisfaction rate.  Our numbers show that participants gain an average of three years in IQ in as little as 14 weeks only.


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How It Works?

We address the root cause of any learning difficulty, you or your loved ones might have by following a result-oriented approach. That will change the way you think, approach learning, and life.



Assessment is foundational to everything we do. We assess your cognitive skills before undergoing the brain training program, to identify your unique cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses. It is how we customize our program, to ensure that you obtain positive and lasting results.



For many families, the consultation provides that “Aha!” kind of moment when everything suddenly makes sense. You’ll see exactly how your unique cognitive skills, strengths and weaknesses, are behind many of the successes—and struggles—you’ve been experiencing.



Once the weak cognitive skills are identified, you’ll work face-to-face with a brain trainer to address those weak skills. Your trainer will make the experience fun, while coaching you through the most effective mental workout for maximum improvements. This one-on-one training is supplemented with in-center digital brain training.



After the program completion, a post-cognitive skills assessment is taken to measure your improvements and the gains you acquire as a result of the program.

A Word

From Our Founder

Parents are faced with challenges and frustration when their children start experiencing learning challenges in school or if one or multiple development milestones are not met. And the cycle of uncertainty and clear guidelines of what they need to do is not easily available or accessible.  Also, what is frustrating for a student or a parent to see their child in learning support where the material is accommodated and students are pulled outside the class room. The root cause ( Hyper link learning model ) of the problem is not addressed.

As a parent and a mother, I was not convinced that memory can’t be improved attention can’t be increased ..and children have to learn to work around their difficulties.

Brainy Nation concept and came to life in 2013 where assessment of cognitive accessible. We work with our clients where we target the route cause of the weak cognitive skills through research based programs that trained the brain.

– Shereen Al-Khatib


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Fawzieh Kiwan

Brainy Nation Bahrain

Fawzieh (Fifi) is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst ((BCBA). She obtained her dual masters degree in Developmental Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University in the United States. She is a member of the Golden Key Honors Society and has worked with a multitude of individuals with Neurodevelopment Disabilities ranging from the age of 2 to 22 using Applied Behavior Analysis. She has over seventeen years of experience in the field of delivering services in a wide range of settings. Fifi is passionate and driven in her work with children, families, educators and the wider community to help better the lives of children and adults through cognitive training.


What Our Parents Are Saying

“Before joining Brainy Nation, my son suffered from lack of concentration, more time to accomplish any task or school work, so we decided to get on with the brain training and it worked magically! My son now is not going to any support classes and he is now fully equipped with the skills he needs to catch up with his peers. Thank you Brainy Nation, you made an impressive achievement that I never thought was possible.”

Mother of Mahmoud (9 yrs)

“Life takes a toll on you at certain points, with the support systems available these days in terms of staff, assistants and computers, make things easier and alarms as well as notes become the norm. When I did the evaluation test with brainy nation, it confirmed my feeling that my memory was weak. I relied so much on that support system. So I embarked on this lovely journey with Brainy Nation and took charge of my memory and retrained it so that I can rely on it again. Thank you Brainy Nation for the support.”

Lana (48 yrs)

“My experience with Brainy Nation was great! My daughters enjoyed every session and bonded with their professional trainers. They have improved in their school and life dramatically. Way to go Brainy Nation!”

Mother of Raneem, Leen & Serena (16,12 & 9 yrs)

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