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Dec 15 2016 /

Give the gift that keeps giving

Just because it’s wrapped in pretty paper doesn’t mean it’s valuable.

Brain training. Unlike tutoring, which focuses on reteaching subject matter, one-on-one brain training strengthens the underlying skills that help us think, learn, read, reason, remember, and pay attention.” Personal brain training differs from online and computer-based brain training in that its programs use intense, customized, game-like exercises to strengthen cognitive skills. These include auditory and visual processing, logic & reasoning, processing speed, attention, and memory. “Brain training can help struggling students become better learners in ANY subject”

“On the flip side, it can strengthen the brain skills of gifted children, who want to better prepare for college-level classes, but might not otherwise be challenged enough at school.”

Or if you are career professional or in your mid life and you need to improve your memory and brain skills, brain training is your answer.

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